Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going To Kota Kinabalu Next Week!

Hyatt Kota Kinabalu Here I Come!

During the Air Asia made sales, me & my friends made a insane decision to go to Kota Kinbalu in Oct. Time flies and it's Oct already! (well in a few more days). We don't know what to do, eat or stay until today! Buaya Wing booked us into Hyatt Kota Kinabalu for 2 nights while Kenby went to search for food reviews to get our stomach started. In between there was talk about snorkeling and drinking beer. I wonder if they would be interested to go to XPLAY's party in Kota Kinabalu? Just got to read about it on Celcom's website. There's also an XPLAY PARTY (FUTURE SOUND SYSTEM) coming up in Sepang at the end of Oct. What's Xplay? well it's the biggest and baddest event that brings the best parties and hottest acts at the most happening places. Massive and never disappointing. This year's XPLAY event at Sepang will be the talk of the town as DJ PAUL VAN DYK is going to be there!!!

The One, The Only - Paul Van Dyk

DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani

To kick start the heat, other top international and local DJs will be mixing the heat up with Paul van Dyk! Check out DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani (above), Terence CDarkroom Tale  and MisterAriffin. Where's the party at? well well here's the details and if you want to get free tickets here's some tips on how to get some too!

Date: 22 Oct 2011
Time: 7pm – till late
Venue: Helipad, Sepang International Circuit.

Want FREE tickets to one of the biggest event in the partying scene? Just do 1 of the following:
1. If you’re an Xpax or U.O.X. member, just reload!
a. Register by sending XPLAYPVD to 28881
b. Reload RM50
c. You’ll receive a mobile voucher redeemable for 1 FREE ticket

2. Subscribe to Instanet Monthly @ RM50/month & stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last) – check

3. If you’re a Celcom Broadband customer, activate Musicube & stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last) – check

4. Download special XPLAY packages from THE CUBE ( or visit the WAP site at & stand to win 2 VIP passes.

And the one in Kota Kinabalu? happening in Bed Club this 8th of October. The event will feature DJ SHY, the first on-air female mixer for America’s Top 40 radio station and top mixers like MC Vibe, DJ Point and DJ Nuold will be there to rock the house!

And the most awesomeness of all? It's Totally Free! If anyone wants to know how to get passes, just go go CLICK HERE and register! With XPLAY, it’s sure to be X-Plosive!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Closet Shoe Keeper That Wants To Party

my last shoe haul worth RM1,675.00

I don't wear heels or find them comfortable to be worn but I have this lil' secret that I keep. I am a closet shoe keeper. I don't generally go out and splurge on shoes but when I see something nice I just go wild. I try to control this side of me! so yes I don't wear heels, but I do wear them sometimes for special occasions and when I think I can survive 30mins in them. I wonder how those girls can wear heels as high as 6 inch and still look freaking good and comfortable in them. 

5 boxes of Brazilian imported shoes
from Shoeville, BSC

what do u think? blah or wow?

My last shoe spree was sometime ago. I take them out for fresh air once a while and admire them. One particular pair of heels came in pretty useful for an important magazine photo shoot. The price tag on it RM359 and it's a rose colored shiny heel with straps. One could wear this and go party all night long if it was pumped with air.

the first XPLAY 2011 party was smokin!
XPLAY @ Opera, Sunway Pyramid Was Off The Hook!

Speaking about party, there's a XPLAY party coming up tomorrow at Johor Bahru (24/9/11) from 7pm till late night at Cabana Club, Johor Bahru. Featuring DJ Shark, DJ Benz and DJ Ken, the party will be stomping hot so put on your dancing shoes and get ready!

DJ Shark, DJ Benz and DJ Ken

DJ Shar.K
• An international DJ hailing from Russia
• Full-time celebrity DJ who is also an actress, model and dancer
• Spun side-by-side with Benny Benassi in 2009

DJ Benz
• Spinning since 2002
• 1st runner up Pioneer Grand Asia Pacific 2010
• Pioneer Champ of the Champ 2010
• Have been winning at various DJ competitions since 2004

DJ Ken
• 2-time Malaysian DMC champion
• DJ for CLUB HITZ – Malaysia’s biggest DJ Mix Show on Hitz FM

For more information about the XPLAY Party click here!

I Wanna Go! How do I get FREE PASSES?
The best thing about these awesome events – entrance is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is go to the XPAX FB Page, “Like” the page and register your details to get FREE passes!
It’s so easy to win your way into the hottest event in Malaysia’s social calendar!
1.     LIKE our Xpax Facebook Fan Page @
2.     Check out the XPLAY app in the page
3.     Choose the XPLAY location that you wish to party at (JB or KK…or BOTH!)
4.     Register your details to get 1 FREE pass!
5.     Print & show your e-mail confirmation at the entrance!

If you want to get VIP passes to this totally rocking event, there are few ways you can do so:

Register by sending 'Xplay' to 28881 & Reload RM50
1)    Get 2 free passes

2)    2 VIP vouchers (to redeem free flow drink wrist band on the event day)

3)     Be in the running to win VIP treatment (3 x VXP tables for winner + 5 friends)

Be a part of the biggest and baddest events of the year and join us for Xplay!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bag Organizer + Canvas Bag RM70 Only!

RM70 for two super cute bags

They say money can't buy you happiness but I say money can buy you all the things you want! For RM70 these adorable cute bags from Chic & Sleek makes a perfect pair of happiness for any girl! Best of all? the bag organizer is really durable and comes in a variety of colors! They're here to help you organize your messy knick knacks in your bag. Phone, car keys, house keys, purse, make up? just organized them in the tiny bag and pull them out of your bags without needing to worry much! The canvas bags on the other hand are eco-friendly recycling bags designed by a girl who knows how to pull your heart string through her designs! Just take a look at these below:

Chic & Sleek by Leen
(a girl who loves bags and now creates her own!)

Chic & Sleek Eco Tote Bags
bon appetite for high tea?
Merry Go Round anyone?
let's go Genting with Night Circus!
for the romantic, a trip to Paris Rendezvous

Pink Junk Love for the cutie pies
talk a stroll around the park in your Summer Garden
a date won't be complete without the Lovers
Egyptian Pony or Town House RM58
(smaller & for files/laptop)

How To Order? E-Mail: and she'll tell you what to do! Once you get your bags you can go on a shopping spree and show off your new bags to your friends! If you are happy with these bags don't forget to call your friends and share the news to them! Especially when you are a Celcom Xpas subscriber, the more you talk the higher the chances of you really going on a Shopping Spree for FREE!!! 

Shopping Spree Anyone?

Curious? 5 winners daily will be chosen to go on this shopping spree! from Celcom's Talk-A-Thon!  To find out more on how you can be one of them click here! and happy shopping!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Attention Bag-o-holics! Be the Talk of The Town With These!

eco friendly canvas bag + bag organizer + free shipping!
(make your friends happy with this!)

Damn the moment I saw this promotion from Chic&Sleek having a special combo price on their fashionable eco-friendly canvas tote bags and colorful bag organizers, my heart went pounding away telling me to pay RM70 to grab a combo! Seriously who can come up with such cutesy designs that's chic and tasteful?

make a fashion statement and still save the environment!
(yes these are eco-canvas tote bags)

The graphic themed bags are can be casual or fashionably shown off during a girly outing or when you go shopping. You can even expressed yourself to say you're a girly girl or foodie person when you carry them around. My personal favorite? Bon Appetite when I am hungry =)

choose your favorite colored bag organizer!

The cute small bag organizers are a girl's best friend to carry around in our huge messy bags! organized your purse, daily essentials, pens or lip glosses in those handy pockets. Hang that car key of yours so you won't forget where they are the next time you dig into your bags.

tea, coffee or me?

Say No To Plastic!

Did any of these designs spark that heart of yours to go thumping? if they did then be sure to grab these special priced combos before they ran out of stock! For a limited time only, while stocks last! Chic & Sleek will clear all these away to make room for her new baby! Just e-mail to place an order! remember it's shipping free for two cute bags!


These bags also come in handy if you win some shopping vouchers from Celcom's Talk-A-Thon! It's a contest where 5 daily winners will be picked to win a shopping spree at either Forever21, Topshop or stocking up snacks at Cold Storage/Mercato/Econsave! To find out more on how you can grab these shopping vouchers click here!

Monday, September 12, 2011


 retail therapy makes you happy?

Anyone watch Confessions of Shopaholic? Do you love shopping? Can't go by a day without buying something? What if you could go on FREE SHOPPING without needing to hurt your pocket? I would go ga-ga over anyone who would bring me to shop for free! imagine the happiness of able to buy anything you want *dreams* and wear a new dress everyday to showoff!

girls just wanna have fun~

New dress from Topshop, buy gifts for friends, get that new Apple computer, decorate my room with IKEA, turn it into a bachelor pad and throw a party for myself and sing the night away! This ain't no dream now! things might get hot if you're a XPAX, U.O.X. or S.O.X., your dreams of going on a shopping spree and buying all that is coming true!

Join the TALK-A-THON and you could be shopping for FREE!

Yes how can I win FREE SHOPPING? Just by talking, serious! The more you talk, the more you stand a chance to win RM5,000 shopping vouchers to go crazzeeeee! Now you have a reason to talk more and  not feel guilty! coz hey if you win that RM5,000 shopping vouchers just by making 3 additional calls a day (above your July, 2011 daily average) why not! New or Existing Customers, everyday there will be 5 winners chosen from 15th August till 30th November, 2011 how awesome is that? a month there will be 150 winners!

How do I join the TALK-A-THON?

Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X members:
Make an additional 3 calls per day above your average daily calls made in July 2011:
ü  What’s your average calls made in July? Just dial *118# to find out.
ü  For example: If you have an average of 5 calls daily recorded in the month of July, you’ll just need to make 5 + 3 calls in a day to qualify for the daily reward!

Eg. 5 + 3 = 8 CALLS / DAILY     

What if I’m new to Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X?:

If you’ve only activated your prepaid pack AFTER 31 July 2011, all you need to do is: MAKE AT LEAST 3 CALLS IN 1 DAY to qualify!

You also qualify if you’re a Celcom Broadband or Instanet user!

·     Celcom Broadband
Just do at least one of the following:
- Purchase additional data volume (1GB@RM15, 5GB@RM50)
- Send 20 SMS (15 sen/SMS) in a day using your Broadband
- Upgrade your package (eg. Celcom Broadband Lite to Basic, Basic to Advance, Advance to Pro)

·     Instanet
Subscribe to any of Instanet Daily (RM5), Instanet Weekly (RM18) or Instanet Monthly (RM50)

Want to know where you can use those vouchers at? Here are some of the participating merchants:

Peninsular Malaysia
Parkson, Giant, Cold Storage,Guardian, Mercato, Econsave, IKEA, Celcom Blue Cube, i-Study (Apple authorized reseller – Klang Valley only), Forever  21 (Penang & Klang Valley only), Topshop (Penang & Klang Valley only)

Sabah & Sarawak
Parkson, Giant, Farley, H&L Supermarket

Ready for a TALK-A-THON?

Talk talk talk! the TALK-A-THON has started! Don't miss out on winning those free shopping vouchers ! Talk to your friends, family, love ones or even your colleague about work! and you might be one of the lucky daily 5 winners to go on FREE SHOPPING!  If you’re not an XPAX, U.O.X. or S.O.X. member, get your starter pack now. Hurry! Talk, talk, talk and get to shop, shop, shop!

(check who the daily winners are!)

Terms & Conditions
  • All new and existing customers will get to enjoy the rewards if they successfully meet the campaign mechanics.
  • For existing customers, their daily average will be calculated over a 30 day usage period benchmarked against the month of July 2011.
  • For new customers, they will be tagged at 0 average customers, thus making a minimum of 0 + 3 = 3 calls a day will entitle them an entry into the campaign for each day they maintain the 3 call average.
  • Throughout the campaign, the customers daily call average will be maintained and tagged to their July 2011 average usage.
  • All customers can only win the daily voucher one time throughout the entire campaign.
  • Any customer fulfilling more then on campaign criteria e.g. making additional 3 calls + purchasing data volume or purchasing data volume + upgrading package will still only gain one chance of entry into the winning pool for that given day.
  • Winners need to answer correctly 2 simple questions from the Celcom Customer Service before they can be announced as winner.
  • Winners can choose which merchant they would like to select and the preferred branch to pick up the vouchers, via phone and USSD within 3 days from the SMS sent.
  • Transportation fee is to be borne by winners for voucher collection at branch. Winners need to redeem within 60 days from the date of voucher issued.
  • The winner can only select ONE merchant from the list offered by Celcom. Winners are not allowed to change the merchant after confirming their choice the first time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales!

Laneige Waterbanks and Sleeping Mask Trial Kit RM35 (worth rm80)
- 20ml sleeping mask worth rm20 (actual is 80ml rm100)
- waterbanks essence 10ml
- waterbanks 10 ml

OPI's latest Body Creme! in Mango and Coconut Melon. RP RM49.90.
 My Price RM40.00 or buy both for RM70 (rm35 each)

Spring Magazine's free Tsumori Chisato Tote Bag
(double use - can turn inside out either gold/floral look
) RM38.00 (bought rm38++)

Loccitane Limited Edition Soaps in Sweet Cherry and Candied Rose.
Each rm15 only (retail rm19)
- sweet cherry 4 pcs left
- candied rose 5 pcs left

Clarin's Evening Aqua Essence (Face Mist) & Multi Active Starter Kit RM140.

Total Worth:
Clarin's Evening Aqua Essence (Face Mist) RM155
Clarins Multi Active Starter Kit RM68 :
- Gentle Foaming Cleanser 20ml
- Multi Active Day (early wrinkle correction cream-gel) 15ml (worth rm62)
- Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum (Youth Boost) 10ml (worth rm79)

Limited Edition Stila Cosmetics Can (cosmetic holder) RM10 each! only limited quantity

Limited Edition Stila Mugs RM30. Only one left.

The Way of The Bath 200ml Retail RM160. Want to Sell RM100.00 (save rm60). 
Anyone interested let me know. New never use.

RMK Hand Care Kit RM50 (worth over RM120)
- nail oil (for dry chapped nails)
- hand cream (hand moisturiser)
- rmk pouch

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introduction to Plus Size Kitten

Hello girls & guys! I've officially opened another blog just to host my goodies for sale :)

But first who am I?

Yes I am Miu from & I am a shopaholic. I stalked warehouse sales, bargains, sales, promotions you name it. Most of the time I hunt for gifts for my friends, family or just to satisfy my need to own beautiful things. Christmas, birthdays, valentine's day they don't escape from me! You may find something u like here to give as a gift, or during that emergency where you forgot to buy a prezzie! I can rescue you and SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME! Most of my buys are hunted down from sales, so its definitely WAY cheaper than buying from retail! Do know what you're buying from me is authentic products that I personally hunted down. What I earn helps to let me continue blogging about warehouse sales & review products. It's also where you will experience what warehouse sales is all about and learn a thing or two about bargain hunting.

Shopaholic. Personal Shopper Extraordinaire.